We Have A Movie Star Over Here!

As I am writing this I am sitting in the sun in my landlady’s backyard, a lemon tree by my side and one Alice in Wonderland themed party further away from Holland. There was a tiny scary moment when I arrived in Houston for my connecting flight and had to go to secondary inspection at Borders, though. Luckily it turned into a funny one when the interrogating officer started Googling me to check out if what I was saying was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and yelled “We have a movie star over here!”

In a few years, I silently hoped.

But with a welcome like that, how can this trip become anything less than a succes? Well, the following weeks will be all-telling…

Like I said, I would try to adhere to a week-by-week task list and update here about it. So let’s see how I did with the list for Before arriving…

Research improv acting classes and top acting coaches 

  • Annie Grindlay’s audition classes. $575 for 4 weeks with 10 hours of class each week. I can choose between the Fundamental and Intensive Audition Class, the latter has better hours, but seems to be for working actors. Signed up for a free orientation class on June 11!
  • Ivana Chubbuck’s  scene study classes, famous LA acting guru and recommended by my actress friend Micky. Classes are $275 a month, but you’re up working only every other week, like the classes I took at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.  Made an appointment to audit June 12!
  • Doug Warhit’s scene study and cold reading classes, $195 a month, on-camera. Seems to be a friendly guy. Have to schedule an audit as soon as my battery has juice. No plugs in the lemon tree unfortunately.
  • Lesly Kahn, seems to focus on comedy but that’s good because I’m unfamiliar with it. Doesn’t have the option to audit for free, you have to do a so-called Triage for $42,50. The first one is June 30, research some more before buying that.
  • Margie Haber, also audition technique although it doesn’t say so specifically on the website. You study with other teachers than her though, and I’ve heard they’re not as competent. Can audit for free every Monday at 1.30 PM. I’ll go tomorrow!
  • Improv classes. Most are far away though, so maybe I should start researching scooter rentals first. Groundlings is the nearest and has Improv A for beginners without audition, $280 for 6×3 hour classes. But since I already have some improv experience I can also audition for Basic, there are about 4 audition dates left in June

Apply for acting class
I’m going to audit classes first, so I can make an informed decision.  This task will probably be moved to week 4.

Choose a headshot and retouch it
Asked several people advice on which headshot to choose for commercial and theatrical. Hope to know by tomorrow, or at the very least Wednesday.

Pick comedic and dramatic dialogues in English to tape for showreel
Haven’t done so yet, but do have dramatic and comedic monologues ready.

Find sponsoring agents
Should do this soon. I have made commercial, print and theatrical agency mailing lists from week 2 though. I should just add these sponsoring agents to the theatrical one. Actually I have done all these things that were initially for other weeks, never mind week one, that made no sense because it was just one weekend day…

  • Arrange California (310) phone number: did it at the airport in Houston!
  • Update resume with new number
  • Research best print lab for headshots: Argentum seems industry standard, now just have to make a quote.
  • Call old acting teacher for private class: I e-mailed. Facebook messaged actually
  • Make theatrical agency mailing list: almost finished
  • Make commercial agency mailing list
  • Make print agency mailing list

Therefore the new schedule is:

Week 1 – June 4th to June 10th

  • Make Argentum print lab quote
  • Call talent agency for appointment
  • Choose and retouch headshot
  • Finish theatrical agency mailing list
  • Check if all agents on lists still work at those agencies
  • Schedule all acting class audits
  • Research scooter renting
  • Make postcard lay out
  • Print headshots & postcards
  • Do all mailings

Week 2 -  June 11th to 17th

  • Choose drama and comedy dialogues
  • Set appointment for taping dialogues
  • Choose acting class

Week 3 - June 18th to June 24th

  • Tape dialogues
  • Research agent workshops
  • Research how to follow-up mailings

Week 4 – June 25th to July 1st

  • Start acting class
  • Do agent workshop
  • Continue working on feature film screenplay

The schedule for week 1 is pretty ambitious, and the others pretty lazy, but I’m sure more will come up. Is all this informative for you, or are they just boring dots? Let me know!

Love from LA!
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17 thoughts on “We Have A Movie Star Over Here!

  1. I hope the immigrations officer was clairvoyant!

    And I think your blog is really good, very interesting! I don’t persue an acting carreer myself, but I like your style, and I have learned a lot of your dedication an approach!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of things to this week! But since you have already organizated everything that you want to do, things get easier, I think… So, trust in yourself and be our movie star :) It’s really good to read your schedule because it gives us an idea of how things are when you are in LA fighting for your dreams! So, please, keep us updated.

    Wishing you the best!

  3. How do you have the money for all this? I already qualify for the O-1 and have an interested sponsor but can’t start the process as can’t afford it. Bummer.

    • Working and saving, my friend! I worked full-time for a year to save up. Keep us updates on your visa progress!

  4. HEy !OF course it s informative=) keep up doing a good work and sharing your experience=)I am sure this kind of help will be returned to you when you needed=))What goes aroung comes around=)Good luck once again=)))

  5. By the way, I forgot to ask you -do u need to have a scpecial o1 visa in order to audition for any projects, or do u need an agent for sure in order to audition? Or there is a chance to get to auditions without the above mentioned factors, plus if ure just on a tourist or student visa? Thank U=)

    • Hi Kristina, you need an agent to get good auditions and an O1 visa. Auditioning is not allowed on tourist visas.

  6. Hey Shanice,
    Its very informative not boring at all…you have a very good thought out plan and you are very motivated, i like your approach and i hope you succeed!!
    Ik hoop op korte termijn ook in LA te zijn…to follow the same dream like you! Misschien komen we mekaar wel eens tegen:-)
    In ieder geval wens ik je alle geluk…break a leg!!…en hou ons op de hoogte..
    David (from Belgium)

    • That’s what I’ve heard but the problem is you don’t always get her as a teacher and I’ve heard the other teachers there aren’t as good.

  7. Hey Shanice! Great blog! I hope everything will be going great for you this summer! I was hoping you could help me with some advice on something! I don’t know which acting school to chose between the acting corps and the playhouse.. I saw that you went to both so what do you recommend?

    • If you’re just starting out with acting I would recommend The Acting Corps. If you want to start heavy scene study, BHP.

  8. I read every single one of your posts. You’re just so inspiring! I’m currently saving up funds for a big move to L.A. next year in order to start my acting career, and my heart just goes pitter-pat any time I see that you’ve written a new entry.

    BTW, I tend to listen to this song for musical inspiration:


    Its so pretty, and I really wanted to share it with you! :)

  9. Every person has some other passion within them they just a push in their life for that many of have started their according to your blog I must say its very interesting and innovative for the career starter in acting its a parting of giving a push to them.. and must you have written very well i am glad about it !! i really found your blog interesting we also working for the beginners in stardom life

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