Once upon a time was a Dutch soap star, who was extremely attractive in a Megan Fox kind of way. Her acting skills were never talked about, since most of what the girl was known for was the rich people she dated. This was a reason for many to dislike her. And after she married a very wealthy pro soccer player that dislike turned into hate. I never participated in this, since I don’t do the hate-a-girl-because-she’s-prettier-than-you thing. I actually really like Megan Fox. And I also like to believe this girl married out of true love.

Then, after years of the now very wealthy girl just doing presenting gigs, news broke that CAA a.k.a. one of the biggest agencies in Los Angeles, approached her to sign her. I was slightly puzzled by this, as she was not famous anywhere else but Holland and wasn’t that serious about acting, but then I guess the world is different for Megan Fox like hotties. My doubt was shared with media outlets however, some going as far as to call CAA and finding out they did not know about her. This somehow made me feel better. After all, the world couldn’t be that unfair, could it? Just giving wonderful acting chances to people who aren’t that passionate about it. Well, the story goes on…

Recently news broke that said hottie got her first Hollywood part as the girlfriend of a famous Hollywood actor in a movie by a very famous director. I was a little bit astounded. And displeased. Someone I had never met had gotten a part in a Hollywood movie, which is something that happens every day, so I really shouldn’t have been upset but I was. I just couldn’t believe that someone who isn’t even passionate about acting could get that lucky. That money could get you that far. But then I stopped those thoughts and remembered what a friend of mine always says: “It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”

Because really, the world isn’t going to be more fair because of my displease, and the girl isn’t going to be more passionate or less lucky because of it. The only one bothered is me. And regardless of her talent (I have never seen her acting so I can’t judge) the girl does seem to be very confident. So maybe I could learn from that.

Everyone knows an acting career is not solely reliant on talent. It takes hard work, luck, professionalism and personality. And a degree of Megan Fox resemblance helps too. It also takes confidence. Lots of it. Confidence takes an actor through auditions, makes sure he comes across cool and professional, and gives an actor the hope and resilience to persevere. But, perhaps most important, it is at the base of acting skills.

In acting, you always have to go for every emotion 100% and that takes confidence, and courage. Because even 1% doubt will make you self aware, just 1% hesitation will make everything look silly and insincere. It’s like when jokes don’t come across because they aren’t told with full conviction. A lack of confidence will also affect your risk taking and experimenting in acting, and make you indecisive regarding acting choices. And, as with any form of artistic expression, these three things are  pivotal to create good work.

I myself lack this confidence sometimes. Especially when surrounded by people I look up to on set. And as you can imagine, this stands in my way. In acting but also in just being me. I would consider myself a pretty bubbly and enthusiastic person, but when I get insecure that all fades and I become a weird, quiet person, instead of a slightly quirky energy ball.

So maybe soap star girl does have some qualities that make her deserving. But regardless, I learned a lesson from her. So now I don’t have to waste my energy on being bothered by someone that I don’t even know. How about you? Have you ever had similar irritations? Did you ever run into confidence issues?

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