mommymakes Congratulations to myself! Besides that it’s my birthday in two days, I now have an apartment in Los Angeles, a California phone number, a new phone, a school schedule and two American bank accounts. Why two? Because I have too much money for just one, of course. Or because I signed on with Bank of America but changed my mind the next day.

Mere days ago I was still staying with a friend, I had a prehistoric Dutch phone, no American telephone number or bank account and no school schedule made. What a difference 5 days make!

But it’s only the beginning of the road…

I’ve been to Los Angeles 3 times before, but this time is so different. The last times I went I always went with holiday spirit, to a guesthouse with other vacationing people. I ate fastfood pretty much every day and didn’t really have to face to much of the reality of living in L.A.

Now I have to do groceries here, make payments, get around, live…And although it’s a Western country, lots of things are different. For example: the entire metric system from distances to length to weight, time notation, making payments, the actual tangible money, the products in the grocery stores…I mean, the onions here are huge! Like, 5 times the size of onions here. And so are the grocery stores. In Amsterdam my Albert Heijn supermarkets usually had 6 isles at the most. In the U.S. they have about 16 double isles on average! And often a deli, bank or Starbucks inside too. Oh, and they pack your bags for you here. I can get used to that!
american big onion

In between trying to get the American way of life, I’ve been making yet another trip to a beautiful National Park in California: Joshua Tree. It’s really silly how in the two weekends I’ve been here I’ve gone on spontaneous trips with people I hardly know. This time I was invited by a girl whose apartment I was checking out. I didn’t end up taking the apartment but we had a little talk about the Perseids meteor shower, which led to a beautiful weekend of wild camping in the desert to watch the meteor shower.

joshua tree campingjoshua tree national park

joshua tree jumpjoshua tree flowers

But of course I have not forgotten why I am here. Now that I’ve settled down a bit I want to start storming after my acting career full force! I have already made my U.S. format acting resume and have e-mailed the agent I’ve met the previous times I was here. She hasn’t e-mailed me back though…Bad omen? We shall see, tomorrow I am going to call the office to ask for an appointment, like I did the other times. Probably with extremely sweaty hands, but that’s what it takes.

Let the games begin!

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